Our Story

TAP is an acronym that stands for "The Acceptance Project." We are a student-run and student-led organization, founded as a club in 2017 at Stroudsburg Junior High School. Following the 2016 presidential election, our school lacked the adequate time and environment for students to have constructive and civil dialogue about the divisive issues facing the nation and the world.


TAP sought to combat this issue head-on. TAP gave students the time, environment, and opportunity to discuss the great social and political issues facing the world, nation, and community. As a result, students were able to engage in their differences through productive and civil dialogue grounded in the lived experiences of their peers. 

"Creating the mediators of tomorrow to continue the conversations of today." 

Our Mission

The mission statement of TAP is “creating the mediators of tomorrow to continue the conversations of today.” The goal of our discussions is not to come up with solutions or even to agree. It's to provide students with the opportunity to develop the courage to continue having difficult conversations on the issues that matter. Through dialogue, TAP is able to create thoughtful, empathetic, and engaged citizens, empowered with the experience and skills necessary to successfully impact our nation's ability to engage in civil discourse.


Our Results

  • 77% retention rate

  • Average of 30 students for each dialogue session

  • Over 100 new members and growing

  • 93% of students said that they were more comfortable expressing their views

  • 90% of students said that TAP enriched their dialogue experiences 

  • 95% of students felt that TAP enhanced their viewpoints on controversial topics


The Acceptance Project is a for youth by youth organization that seeks to empower students to become "the mediators of tomorrow to continue the conversations of today".

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