Become a TAP Advisor

Be a sounding board for change

What is a TAP advisor?

The Acceptance Project is a student-run and led high school club. However, there is still a need for students to have an adult as their club advisor for support and guidance. As an advisor, you will also be taking on the role of a mentor, team builder, motivator, and role model. TAP advisors are not encouraged to facilitate or take part in the dialogue sessions. Your responsibility, rather, is to simply listen to the discussion and offer facilitation assistance when it is only truly needed. By listening and taking notes on the discussion, you will be able to successfully aid high schoolers in becoming better leaders and better mediators.  While TAP advisors are only hired on a volunteer basis, the experience of aiding the mediators of tomorrow is priceless. 


  • Attend TAP meetings every other week

  • Meet regularly with club officers, as necessary, to stay connected with the proceedings of TAP

  •  Serve as a resource for alternative solutions to problems confronting the group

  • Act as a resource person for acquiring outside speakers and activities for TAP

  • Be knowledgeable about the missions, goals, and purpose of the student organization

Date and time obligations:
  • TAP meets on a bi-monthly basis

  • Each TAP meeting is 90 minutes

*At this moment, we do not know the exact day-of-the-week meetings will occur. Once the student ambassadors leave our program and confirm that they will be leading TAP at their high school, we will then be able to determine what days of the week work for them and you. 

Interested in becoming a TAP Advisor?

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*Please note that these forms are NOT formal a commitment to the TAP advisor position. They are to simply help us find interested applicants. Once the survey is completed our team will reach out to you with more information and details about the advisor position.

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