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  • How much does the TAP into Summer program cost?

    • The only cost for the program is a nominal $30 registration fee upon acceptance into TAP into Summer. A grant from the Weiler Family Foundation will cover all room and board expenses for the Student Ambassadors. 

  • Do you have to take part in a training session to become a TAP Officer?

    • YES. While our training sessions may only be 90 minutes over a 3-day period, we are able to help students learn how to establish the foundations of organizing, leading, and facilitating a TAOP chapter. 

  • How competitive is the TAP  into Summer application process?

    • While the application itself is relatively short please keep in mind that we will only accept 3 students from each high school.

  • How difficult is it to become a TAP officer?

    • We encourage ALL students grades 9-12 to apply to become a TAP officer. The questions on our sign-up form are meant to give us a better idea of the student interested in becoming a TAP officer. 

  • Who is the fiscal sponsor for TAP into Summer?

    • We are sponsored by a local non-profit named MCU (Monroe County United). Since its creation in 2016 MCU has aimed to build relationships and break barriers in order to ensure that ALL are welcome in Monroe County, regardless of race, culture, creed, or nation of origin.  They work to raise awareness and ease tensions within the community of Monroe County, PA by addressing diversity issues in our schools, colleges, places of worship, and the wider community; responding to and mitigating the proliferation of religious/racial discrimination and hate in all its forms; and preventing violence precipitated by bigotry related to race, religion, and other prejudices.