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TAP is constantly looking for a student Ambassadors eager to begin mediating and leading their own conversations through their very own TAP chapter. While we would love to train all of our students through our in-person, overnight summer camp "TAP into Summer", we understand that all students are not able to do so. For this reason, we have developed an online training program that any student anywhere can participate in.  We strongly encourage students to sign up for the training with at least 1-2 other students from their high school. Running a TAP chapter requires a sizeable amount of time and energy so having a team makes embarking on this journey easier. 

*Even if a TAP chapter already exists at your school, all students must fill out a TAP Officer Application and participate in the TAP training program prior to becoming a TAP Officer. 

*Multiple students applying from the same high school must fill out an individual sign up forms. There will be a spot on the application allowing you to list the name(s) of your team members. 

Online Training Program Details: 

  • It is completely FREE

  • It is hosted and runs on Zoom

  • Consists of three live 90-minute training sessions

    • Our team will work with you and/or your group to organize a time and date for the training session 

  • Each training session will be led by TAP Founder and President Taha Vahanvaty

  • Following the training session, students will have access to all of our TAP Resources and Documents, as well as direct contact with TAP officials ready to provide them with support and guidance. 


Students Will Learn: 

  • How to acquire TAP advisors 

  • Details on how to establish a TAP chapter in their high school

  • How to run a successful TAP meeting  

  • How to lead and create a civil discourse 

  • How to become an effective mediator 

  • And much more!

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The Acceptance Project is a for youth by youth organization that seeks to empower students to become "the mediators of tomorrow to continue the conversations of today".

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